Pro Golf Academy

  • Coaching Programmes

    The Indian Golf Union has recognized the success of our programmes structure and coaching organization which has resulted in winners at Seniors and Junior Tournaments. And seeing the contribution to development of Junior Golf has empanelled us for the conduct of Programmes to which they will provide assistance.
    I am very proud of the Academy and the opportunity that it offers to young golfers. The Academy is all about learning the game whilst also enjoying it. I look forward to seeing you all at the various programmes of the Academy.

  • Junior Tour

    Pro Golf Academy is dedicated to promoting and developing junior golf in India. It has been founded by Professional players, parents of junior golfers and certified teaching professionals. Organizationally it is structured to conduct events on a nation wide basis.

  • School Programmes

    Pro Golf Academy offers a well-chosen menu of instruction, designed to fit the individual needs for development. We take into consideration time constraints, skill level, and more. Our programmes have an unmatched array of instruction options:


Pro Golf Academy JUNIOR TOUR 2012